About Us

Often it’s said that “home is where the heart is,” and even as a kid, home was more than a physical place to me. Home was built by my mother’s hard work and love, and my heart will always be with her. Our earliest formulations about who we are and how the world works—hinge on a sense of home. Home is the place where you feel in control and properly oriented in space and time; it is a predictable and secure place.  In the words of poet Robert Frost, “Home is the place that, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.”  In short, “home” is the primary connection between you and the rest of the world.

As an eighteen-year-old growing up in southern California, I was doing what many teens do; I was exploring and testing the world beyond the safety of my home. That same year, my mother passed away in a fatal car crash and my idea of home was completely disrupted. In her absence, love and security gave way to an increasingly harmful environment. Somewhere inside of me, however, I knew that a man’s reach should be greater than what he has. Eventually I left California for Texas in search of a better future.

While we may feel sentimental or nostalgic attachment to the places we’ve lived, in the end we often see them as separate from our inner selves. But home isn’t just where you are, it’s who you are. Because our physical surroundings play such an important role in creating a sense of meaning and organization in our lives, it’s not surprising that my sense of place was so closely tied to my sense of who I was.

In 2013 I found myself at a new stage of life. My third daughter Kayslynn was born and my definition of home was changing. For my family, home became the food we ate, the chores we did, and the games we played. As a father, home became the love, the security, and the environment that I provide for my family, in addition to the legacy that I pass down from my mother to my daughters.

Now living and working in Dallas, Texas, I’ve built a home for my family and I continue to help others build their homes as well. In this issue of DK International, I will share the company story, what we do, and why we do it. I’ll also explore the services we offer, discuss modern trends, and connect you with local companies. I hope you enjoy our work and find plenty of inspiration for your next project.

-Donte Johnson
Founder and CEO